Recap List

The master list of all recaps on this site, both completed and still in the planning stages! This area is constantly being updated and added to, so check back often.



A. Bates:

The Dead Game

Final Exam

Mother’s Helper

Party Line


Caroline B. Cooney:

The Perfume

The Stranger


The Cheerleader

Return of the Vampire

The Vampire’s Promise


Richie Tankersley Cusick:

April Fools

The Lifeguard

Teacher’s Pet

Trick or Treat


Kate Daniel:

Babysitter’s Nightmare

Babysitter’s Nightmare Part 2

Teen Idol


Nicole Davidson:

Crash Course

The Stalker


Lois Duncan:

Daughters of Eve

Don’t Look Behind You

Gallows Hill

Killing Mr. Griffin

Stranger With My Face

Summer of Fear

They Never Came Home


Carol Ellis:

Camp Fear

My Secret Admirer

Silent Witness

The Stepdaughter


Jo Gibson:

Dance of Death

The Dead Girl (Scream #4)

My Bloody Valentine

The Seance

Slay Bells


Janice Harrell:

The Murder Game

Twin Sisters

Twin Terror


Diane Hoh:

The Accident


The Invitation

The Train

  • Nightmare Hall Series:

#15 – Truth or Die (redirects to The Devil’s Elbow website)


Joan Lowery Nixon:

The Other Side of Dark

The Seance

Whispers from the Dead


Christopher Pike:

Bury Me Deep

Chain Letter

Chain Letter 2

Die Softly

The Immortal

Last Act

The Lost Mind

The Midnight Club


Remember Me

Remember Me 2

Remember Me 3

Road to Nowhere

Scavenger Hunt

Slumber Party

Whisper of Death

The Wicked Heart


  • The Last Vampire Series:

The Last Vampire

The Last Vampire 2: Black Blood

The Last Vampire 3: Red Dice

The Last Vampire 4: Phantoms

The Last Vampire 5: Evil Thirst

The Last Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever

  • Spooksville Series:

#1 The Secret Path


Bebe Faas Rice:

Class Trip

The Listeners

Love You to Death

Music From the Dead


T.S. Rue:

  • Nightmare Inn series:

Nightmare Inn

Room 13

The Pool

The Attic


Sinclair Smith:

Let Me Tell You How I Died (aka The Diary)

The Waitress


R.L. Stine:

The Babysitter

Hit and Run

The Hitchhiker


  • Fear Street Series:

The Best Friend

Broken Hearts

Dead End

The Dead Lifeguard

One Evil Summer

Silent Night

Silent Night 2

Silent Night 3


99 Fear Street: The First Horror

99 Fear Street: The Second Horror

99 Fear Street: The Third Horror

Cheerleaders: The First Evil

Cheerleaders: The Second Evil

Cheerleaders: The Third Evil

Cheerleaders: The New Evil

Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives!

  • Goosebumps Series:

#1 – Welcome to Dead House


Eric Weiner:

Deadly Detention

  • Nursery Crimes series:

Jack and Jill

Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake

There Was an Old Woman


Point Horror 2013 Relaunch:

Defriended – Ruth Baron

Identity Theft – Anna Davies

Wickedpedia – Chris Van Etten

Followers – Anna Davies

Babysitter’s Nightmares series:

Alone in the Dark – Daniel Parker

The Evil Child – M.C. Sumner

Lights Out – Bernard O’Keane

A Killer in the House – J.H. Carroll

Terror Academy Series by Nicholas Pine:

#1 Lights Out

#2 Stalker

#3 Sixteen Candles

#4 Spring Break

#5 The New Kid

#6 Student Body

#7 Night School

#8  Science Project

#9 The Prom

#10 The In Crowd

#11 Summer School

#12 Breaking Up

#13 The Substitute

#14 School Spirit

#15 Boy Crazy

Zodiac Series by Jahnna N. Malcolm:

Leo: Stage Fright

Virgo: Desperately Yours

Libra: Into the Light

Scorpio: Death Grip

Sagittarius: Strange Destiny

Capricorn: Don’t Look Back

Aquarius: Second Sight

Pisces: Sixth Sense

Aries: Secret Identity

Taurus: Black Out

Gemini: Mirror Image

Cancer: Dark Shadows


Zodiac Chillers:

Rage of Aquarius – Carol Ellis

The Scorpio Society – Carol Ellis

In Leo’s Lair – Carol Ellis

Twisted Taurus – Ellen Steiber

Never Love a Libra – Vicki Kamida

Pisces Drowning – Ellen Steiber

The Thirteenth Sign – Ellen Steiber

Virgo’s Vengeance – Ruth Koeppel



The Boy Who Reversed Himself – William Sleator

The Girl with the Silver Eyes – Willo Davis Roberts

The Man in the Woods – Rosemary Wells

On That Dark Night – Carol Beach York

Prom Dress – Lael Littke

The Promise – Robert Westall

Sister Dearest – D.E. Athkins

Spring Break – Nick Baron

Spring Break – Barbara Steiner

Sweet Terror – Mark Crose

Witch Hunt – Wendy Corsi Staub

The Yearbook – Peter Lerangis


Middle-Readers can now be found on their own page here!

Sweet Valley, Girl Talk, The Gymnasts, etc all have their own page now!



A Celebration of 90s Horror: The Decade That’s Better Than You Remember (review/list)

Fright Night (1985)

Fright Night 2 (1988)

Fright Night (2011)

Hellbenders (review)

The Mangler

Pet Sematary Two




Goosebumps episode: Be Careful What You Wish For

The Monkees episode: Monkee vs Machine

Murder, She Wrote episode: Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

15 Favorite Tales From the Crypt Episodes


Child’s Play series (with Dove):

Necromentia (with Dove)

Death Machine (with Dove)

Cutting Class (with bat)


Full Moon Blowout – Werewolf Recaps

Ginger Snaps

Monster Dog

Tales From the Crypt episode – “Werewolf Concerto”

The Blooding – Patricia Windsor

The Cat-Dogs by Susan Price

Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode – “Phases”